Dear comrades,

I greet you in the name of the SERBIAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE ON THE STUDY OF JUCHE IDEA. Its big pleasure be with you today on this Online-Seminar of Organizations on the Study of Juche Idea in Central and East European Countries.

Dear comrades,

Entering the modern times, Korea with 5,000-year-long history and brilliant culture gradually weakened in national power owing to the policy of flunkeyism and dependence on outside forces of the feudal Joson dynasty and was reduced to a theatre of competition for the powers. Finally, it was placed under the Japanese military occupation since 1905. It was none other than the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung who saved the Korean nation from the miserable fate of a ruined nation. He regarded “The People Are My God” as his lifetime motto and his benevolent politics got a people-centred socialist system deeply rooted in the DPRK. He advanced the fundamental principles and ways for Korea’s reunification, including the Three Principles of National Reunification, the Ten-Point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation and the Proposal on Founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo, and devoted his all for the national reunification cause until the last day of his life. He defined independence, peace and friendship as the basic ideal of the DPRK’s foreign policy and enhanced its international prestige through his energetic external activities. Working as head of state and veteran of world politics for 2 nearly half a century, he made immortal contributions to developing and strengthening the socialist and non-aligned movements.

Dear comrades,

Comrade KIL IL SUNG created the great Juche idea after acquiring a deep insight into the requirements of a new era when the oppressed and humiliated masses of the people became masters of their own destiny. Thus he developed their struggle for Chajusong onto a higher plane and opened up the age of Juche, a new era in the development of human history. The revolutionary idea of the working class emerges as the reflection of the mature demand of history and the revolution in their development. When the Comrade KIL IL SUNG embarked on the road of revolution, a new development was taking place in the struggle of the working class and the popular masses against exploitation and oppression. On the world arena, the influence of socialism, which had won its first victory, grew strong, and the revolutionary struggle of the working class and the liberation struggle of the peoples in colonies and semi-colonies were intensified sharply. In an attempt to stop the revolutionary advance of the masses and weather the serious political and economic crises they were passing through, the imperialists further increased their plunder and oppression of the people. In many countries contradictions and antagonism between revolution and counter-revolution were intensified, and the masses of the people whose sovereign rights had been trampled down for a long time rose up in a struggle for their class and national liberation. A new age was approaching, in which the revolutionary movement made progress in a broad and diversified way on a worldwide scale.

In order to advance the revolution under the new historical conditions, the working class and the people of every country, conscious of being the masters, had to solve all problems in accordance with their actual situation. In our country, this was a particularly important matter because of the peculiarities of historical development and the complexity and arduousness of the revolution. The Korean revolution demanded more urgently that the popular masses hew out the path of revolution in an independent and creative manner.

The Juche idea was created on the basis of such a practical requirement of the Korean revolution. The revolution is a struggle to meet the masses' desire for independence by enlisting their strength. It is a struggle of the masses to free themselves. When they are armed with the revolutionary idea and united into an organized political force, the masses can emerge victorious in the revolution. The duty of revolutionaries is to go among the popular masses, masters of the revolution, to educate, organize and inspire them to a struggle. The revolutionary forces too, should be trained from among the masses and all problems arising in the revolutionary struggle should likewise be resolved in reliance on their wisdom and strength.

Juche “In a nutshell, the Juche idea means that the masters of the revolution and construction are the masses of people and that they are also the motive force of the revolution and construction.” - Kim Jong-Il, Let Us March Under the Banner of Marxism–Leninism and the Juche idea, 1983 Dear comrade, KIM IL SUNG two-time visit visiting SFR Yugoslavia. First time in June 1975. 4 This remarkable event will remain forever in the annals of Serbia-DPRK relations. Meeting beetwen two liaders - president KIM IL SUNG and President Tito consolidated the firm positions held by liaders of DPR Korea and SFR Yugoslavia as companions standing on an equal footing in discussing and deciding important issues regarding security of the world and The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). In a brief speech President Tito delivered on Mr. Kim's departure, he said: "Our Korean friends today must fight for the reunification of Korea. In this respect, we agree fully, and we shall extend to them full support both in our mutual relations and on the international plane.”. President Tito described Koreans as “one single people, and imperialism divided it. We welcome your efforts for the peaceful and democratic unification of the country and lend full support to stands you have formulated.”

President KIM He said that his Government “consistently adhered to the line aimed to solving the problem of reunification without outside interference, autonomously and with its own forces.”

Visit of KIM IL SUNG was made in a traditionally friendly atmosphere.

This meeting of two liaders provided a long-running foundation for the successful development of bilateral relations.

Dear comrades,

The brilliant victories and achievements of the Korean people today are the direct product of a whole legacy left by revolutionary leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Currently, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un, the Workers Party of Korea is leading the 5 Korean people in their struggle to build and consolidate socialism centered on the masses of the people.

We are sure that the path taken by the Workers Party of Korea is correct, and reflects the demands of the popular masses in their struggle for national and social independence.