Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the great guide ideology

which formulated idea on State Building

Dr. M. Jahangir Khan




Dear Comrades and Friends,

I congratulate from myself and our organizations Bangladesh Group for Study of Songun Politics, International Central Committee for Songun Policy and our newspaper „ The Daily Folk International.

Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideas on state building is formulated in combination with august names of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who authored, developed and perfected the ideas on the building of the Juche-oriented socialist State.

The Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideas on state building contain in a concentrated way the ideas on, and exploits in, state building of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who developed DPRK into the most prestigious and the strongest socialist State in history; these ideas also indicate clearly the ways and means for accomplishing the socialist cause with the State government as a political weapon.

Proceeding from sheer desire to ensure peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the rest of the world, the Workers‟ Party of Korea has made well-meant efforts and displayed the greatest patience to prevent the aggravation of the regional tension.

But the intensity of the hostile forces‟ policies towards the Democratic People‟s Republic of Korea has gone to extreme, instead of becoming weakened. The enemy‟s high-tech weapons aimed at the DPRK are increasing in volume.

To cope with this, the WPK, at its recent 8th congress, solemnly declared that it would steadily bolster the national defence capability.

Along with major tasks for preparing the Korean People‟s Army more firmly, it set forth the core plan and strategic tasks of crucial importance in rapidly developing and strengthening the national defence industry.

In order to thoroughly contain, control and handle on its own initiative various military threats on the Korean peninsula, which are inevitably accompanied by nuclear threats, it decided to raise the nuclear technology to a higher level, make nuclear weapons smaller and lighter for more tactical uses, develop various tactical nuclear weapons and continuously push ahead with the production of super-sized nuclear warheads.

Essence of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideas on state building is that the President‟s and the Chairman‟s ideas on state building are the one and only guideline to be held fast to forever by the DPRK in the state building and activities.

The Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist idea on state building contain in a concentrated way the essence and mission of a socialist state whose guiding principle is the Juche idea, the theory and principles of building a socialist state, the basic mode of the socialist state activities, the function and role of the socialist state, the composition of the socialist state mechanism, the working system of the state organs, the ways and means for accomplishing the cause of socialism with state power as a political weapon.

Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideas on state building reflects the steadfast faith and will of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to invariably hold fast to the President‟s and the Chairman‟s ideas on state building and accelerate dynamically the cause of socialism so as to develop the DPRK into an invincible powerful country no one dare to attack, into the people‟s State where the people‟s ideal is fully realized and into a great country which beats the world while giving fullest play to its unlimited potentialities of development.

The Democratic People‟s Republic of Korea has strategic resources with which to revitalize the national economy and raise it to the world-class level in the face of the blockade by hostile forces.

The first one is the foundations of the self-sufficient economy that have been consolidated for several decades.

This constitutes the basis for the existence of socialism in the country and motive force of its advance and development.

In retrospect, the hostile forces have made every conceivable attempt to isolate and stifle the DPRK, the fortress of independence. For over seven decades, they have imposed unprecedentedly severe political and economic blockade upon it.

However, under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, the Korean people did not veer even a single step from the principle of self-reliance in the face of challenges and pressure but built an economy that stands on its own feet and develops relying on its own efforts, technology and resources.

To cope with the grim situation in which the hostile forces are intensifying their moves to isolate and crush the country, Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of DPR Korea, pays close attention to ensuring the domestic production of raw and other materials and equipment in all sectors of the national economy.

The second one is the country‟s powerful sci-tech force the state has trained with great efforts.

The country has a large contingent of competent scientists, and talented people and science and technology constitute the major motive force for the development of self-sufficient economy.

Thanks to the line of attaching importance to science and technology and the policy of making all the people well versed in science and technology steadily maintained by President of the State Affairs, DPR Korea, the country has recently made radical development in science and technology and rapid consolidation of sci-tech forces.

Many valuable successes of latest science and technology have been achieved, thus strongly promoting the economic development.

The successes of latest science and technology achieved in developing and launching artificial earth satellites and in the sector of biology and nanotechnology are attracting the attention of many world experts.

The third one is the creative strength of the people who have made self-reliance part of their mental qualities and are brimming with patriotic enthusiasm.

A miracle is not something that is created of its own accord. The source of miracle is the elated mental might of the masses of the people, and there is no limit to the might of the people who are possessed of indomitable mental might.

This was clearly proved by the course of struggle of the Korean people who created miracles and innovations decade after decade braving trials and difficulties under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Under Kim Jong Un‟s leadership, the Korean people, equipped themselves more firmly with the spirit of self-reliance, are creating new miracles day after day in accomplishing the cause of building a powerful socialist nation by smashing the hostile forces‟ ever-intensifying moves to isolate and stifle their country.

I fully convinced that DPR Korea will achieve the final victory to build the powerful state and reunify the nation by the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideas on state building.








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