Vitality of Juche Idea in Modern Times

Prof. Omar Lopez

Chairman of the Venezuelan Institute of the Juche Idea

Vice-chairman of the Latin American Institute of the Juche Idea

Director, the IIJI Board of Directors

Since the beginning of the 21 st century, the world people have overcome some challenges and obstacles in order to realize their desire to build the most righteous and human society, the best multi-polar and man-centred world.

All of these were caused by structural crises of capitalism. The ruin of capitalism, named as uncivilized capitalism and neoliberal politics, intends to drive the whole mankind into the ruin.

Modern history showed that, unless the people and countries created their conditions and made every effort in order to reach a certain line of the struggles for political and economic independence and achievement of sovereignty, they would surely be collapsed and degrade to stooges of economic and military powers dominating today’s globalized world. The best conditions dealing with these challenges will be created for the countries which give precedence to science and technology based on their own resources and practical abilities in the struggle for liberation.

Today the people live under the challenge of COVID-19. As mentioned above, limitation of capitalism was exposed clearly in way of dealing with this epidemic. Statistical data, figures and reports of international organizations show us plainly the whole situation of this struggle against the pandemic. Countries, which strengthened their internal force, had clear picture on their ability and limitation and invested time and resources in establishing their scientific and technical structure, will have the best conditions to deal with the COVID-19.

Brief and general introduction above will give us a picture on the meaning of the Juche idea developed and enriched by H.E. Kim Il Sung and H.E. Kim Jong Il, the great leaders of the Korean people and inherited by H.E Kim Jong Un. The Juche idea turned the DPRK into a nuclear military power and enabled it to take a big step towards an economic power despite the obstacles caused by the blocking of its border and the limitation of commercial trade with other countries in order to check the threat of the pandemic.

With the Juche idea as a strategic weapon, the Korean people have prepared to deal with this challenge and fought against blockades and sanctions of the US imperialists for more than 70 years.

The great leaders of the DPRK paid deep attention to the work of applying the popular and national characteristics of the Juche idea in history, culture and all other sectors of the society.

The Juche idea revealed clearly the dominant and interfering character of the US imperialists and contributed to preparing the people in the DPRK and other countries to deal with globalization in politics, culture, the economy, science and technology that the US and its stooges tried to develop and strengthen and that appeared as the biggest expression today, in the 21 st century.

Imperialism caused disorder and crisis, and even threatened existence of the earth itself in order to dominate broad regions.

The Juche idea, the greatest creation of H.E. Kim Il Sung and H.E. Kim Jong Il, displays today stronger vitality than ever, and it is an unique weapon necessary for all countries in the world to live in a political and cultural way under the disaster caused by crisis and aftereffect of imperialism. Aftereffects of capitalism are hunger and poverty, serious health problems caused by the pandemic and exhaustion of natural resources badly needed for human life such as water, soil and animals.

Today’s study and dissemination of the Juche idea, the weapon to defend the mankind, the weapon for people’s sovereignty and independence presents itself as a problem, more urgent than ever.

We should apply the Juche idea to follow the example of the DPRK which advances the building of an economic power victoriously. As put forward at the Eighth Congress of the WPK held in January 2021, we should make as our own the practical problems closely related to the Juche idea.

“Achieving a great fresh victory on all fronts by remarkably increasing our own strength, our internal force, in socialist construction–this is the main idea and main spirit of the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.”

This brief quotation of the resolution of the Eighth Congress of the WPK brightly illuminates vitality of the Juche idea in the socialist Korea wisely led by H.E. Kim Jong Un.