Validity of New 5-Year Plan for Independent

Economic Development of DPRK

Nansal Sarantuya.

Sc.D., Mongolia;

Director, Board of Directors,

Paektusan Association for the Independent Development of Mongolia

The economic globalism of imperialists showed his true face. This globalists conduct a policy of containment of economic development of all countries which striving for self- development. This ideology implementing in a variety ways like the trade war with China, sanctions against Russia, the economic blockade of the DPRK, Cuba, Venezuela, and interference to internal affairs of other countries.

We’ll briefly considering here 2 categories of countries using an example of the DPRK and Mongolia.

The countries like the DPRK is pursuing a consistent independent policy. On the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea a young leader of Korean nation noted about shortcomings in economic and cultural construction, in government and society management. It is noted that growth indicators of economy are significantly under- performed and there was not noticeable shift in improving the living standards of the population due to the lack of measures for a radical renewal of work in the context of the continuation of the hard situation inside and outside of the country. It was unable to carry out works for government investment and self-provision.

It was failed to mobilize the role of science and technology as a “locomotive” of economic progress and the science-based strategy has not been sufficiently developed.

For all this situation it was existed objective conditions, it is: 1\ the barbaric sanctions and blockade by the USA and other hostile forces, 2\ the global health crisis around the world that began in 2019.

Now the DPRK has a big aims to restore and streamline the system of economic works, the organic linkage between industries, to strengthen an independent foundation of 2 economy and to put the economy on the way of normal track in the near future, and also do not hesitate to face any outside influence.

The main goal of the new 5 year plan for the development of the state’s economy is still a self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The self-reliance should become a state systematic scientifically grounded policy. The DPRK has all the prerequisites and opportunities for this. Above all there are a perfectly differentiated base of the economy, and there are almost no undeveloped sectors of the economy.

The import-substitution policy is applied the countries that now under the sanctions of the globalists. For example, Russia is pursuing a policy of import substitution and achieving a great stride.

The DPRK has a new 5 year plan with a real opportunity reflected the requirements for the improvement of the independent structure of economy and reducing dependence on imports.

This is the case for those countries that pursue the independent policy. But for those countries that under the helping from developed countries things are much worse. The policy of Washington consensus whose proclamation was in 1989, the implementation is started much early, from the end of 1950, when world colonial system of imperialism was canceled. This policy for economic intervening realized in more than 80 countries. From those, more than 50 countries did not achieved any progress, and more than 30 countries received only a complete collapse.

Mongolia entered to the road of market transformation in 1990 and from 1991 our country is a member of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. In 2021 we have 30th anniversary of these events. But as a result of this 30-year way the country is now under the very hard oppression from the side of globalists.

The globalists are issuing a loan and giving recommendations for countries like Mongolia, but they find themselves in debtor’s bondage and on the periphery of financial system of the USA and other Western countries which throw the way of financial intrigue and take out the natural and financial resource from developing countries. How are they carried out?

Here we’ll consider 3 ways of economic bondage policy on example of Mongolia:

First of all, according to recommendation of the World Monetary Fund, the Central Bank of Mongolia is functioning independently from the government and stands apart from the government goals. Proclamation of the independent case of the Central Bank is the main 3 pawn of globalists for the looting the country. The national currency is turned to secondary meaning for all the country and even, for citizens. The very big danger for the country’s economy is creating the free float course of national currency which provides the unstable case for developing all the sectors of economy. This unstable case is played to the hand in colonial goals of globalists.

The entire economy of the country is oriented for the excretion of natural raw materials, but the development of technologies is not encouraging. The sales proceeds of natural row materials goes in foreign currencies, in first by the American dollars, as a result these proceeds are remained in foreign offshore law zones.

According to the recommendations of the IMF the entire financial system of Mongolia is functioning for the currency speculum which is profitable for the American dollar. As a result of it, all the country became the periphery of USA and the West, there flows down the main profit from the sale of natural raw materials and currency speculum operations. ―The plundering of country is making by national corrupted politics and oligarchy under the recommendations of the World Bank and the IMF. On one hand they plunder the country following assignment of their Western partners, but on other hand they beg for money from China, Japan, South Korea and others. In these countries the market respect is integrated with each government independent policy.

The modern imperialism carrying out the policy for the economic enslave of developing countries and also a policy of economic blockade of independent oriented countries, changed only their disguise of colonial policy, but the essence of this policy is remains old content.

I’m inviting all my Juche friends to coordinate our joint action for more detail studies of modern policy of imperialists including their attitude to unleash the economic, information, biology, technology and other war.

I wish you every success on your noble work of creating the independent world, according to the teachings of great Kim Il Sung.