A Year of Studying Juche Idea

By Chairman, Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland

Dear Comrades,

I would first of all like to thank you for inviting me to participate in this seminar on behalf of the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland.

In this piece I am going to talk about a year of studying the Juche Idea with the lessons and experiences I have gained from it.

Prior to deciding to study the Juche Idea I had always been an admirer of the DPRK and how Socialism is applied through a scientific approach which in turn gives the DPRK as a country an edge against so called “world powers” and a powerful strength of unity and self reliance.

What does the Juche Idea mean to me? The Juche Idea is a revolutionary outlook on life which has inspired me to realise that man is the master of his destiny through the actions and choices he makes. It has taught me that I as a person can overcome any barriers which are put up in front of me, and to smash these barriers.

I have learnt that the Juche Idea is a progressive form of lifestyle to which the whole world can benefit from. It can be applied anywhere which means that a mass of people for e.g. in Romania, France, and Germany etc can apply the Juche Idea to the current conditions of which they are in. It is what I would describe as a world changing progressive lifestyle, because no matter where one applies the Juche Idea you are bringing people together, people who have the same aim, the same hope, the same ideals and this in turn creates a society that is embraced by all members of society be it that they are young or old. Everyone has a place in a progressive society. I have learnt the true meaning of the masses who are in charge of the country which in turn creates unlimited resources of enthusiasm and unity that is stronger than any object made in our universe, and a will to play a part in the revolution and construction of the country. One can link the meaning of the masses to the word comrade which the Juche Idea has taught me.

My close comrades and friends at the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea have been instrumental in the process of studying the Juche Idea and I am extremely 2 grateful for them to take time out to aid my learning process, and providing the correct literature.

Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG said “The people are my God”

In the last year the world has rapidly changed… We have seen the rise of fascism particularly in Ireland, the United Kingdom & Europe as a whole. The state has poisoned the minds of the majority of the people by putting people further against each other, and creating a hostile environment against those who advocate for Socialism. The Juche Idea teaches that unity is the weapon and the key needed for all progressive people to live in a better society.

A key event in the Juche Idea which I feel has been inspirational to me was the Kalun meeting where Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG stated that a revolution must be carried out by the people and only the people without the need of outside interference. Great Comrade KIM IL SUNG had studied and looked at it from a scientific point of view which brought the revolution already to a head start and its destiny secured as one of a victorious win.

The Workers’ Party of Korea held its Eighth Congress from the 5th January - 13th January, 2021 (Juche 110) During this congress Respected Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN was elected as the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In his closing address he stressed the importance of unity, construction and to continue advancing the country to greater heights thus improving the lives of the masses even further!

To quote General Secretary KIM JONG UN from a part of his closing address

Dear delegates,

Innumerable trials and dif iculties are still challenging us, but our determination is definite and our future is promising.

As in the past, so in the future, our Party will remain infinitely faithful to the peoplefirst principle and do its best to continue to achieve fresh victory in socialist construction.

As the WPK holding aloft the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its ever-victorious banner is correctly leading the revolution and construction and there is the invincible might of the single-hearted unity of the Party and the masses, our revolution will make steady progress, overcoming every manner of difficulties.

Let us all advance dynamically towards a fresh victory of the revolution with strong confidence in the victory of the socialist cause, the revolutionary cause of Juche, and rallying rock-solid around the Party Central Committee.”

This, Comrades is the Juche Idea in action applying the core principles of it!

I could spend many happy hours talking about the Juche Idea, and the inspiration it has given me however I will end by saying to people who are interested in the Juche Idea and wanting to learn about this wonderful progressive way of life. Read, read and read!

The works of Great Comrades KIM IL SUNG, KIM JONG IL, and KIM JONG UN are absolutely vital on the journey to changing your conditions to that of a better life.

The Great Comrades have shown and continue today through Respected Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN that the Juche Idea is the progressive way forward, and even through this pandemic the DPRK has kept going thanks to the Juche Idea and the unity it has brought.

It is also thanks to the Juche Idea that the DPRK has no cases of covid 19. Comrades, this is what we should aspire to be like. My deepest gratitude to the KASS for inviting me to participate, Comrade Ryang, Comrade Dr Dermot Hudson & the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea for guiding me along this path.

May the shining light and inspiration of GREAT COMRADES KIM IL SUNG & KIM JONG IL and Respected Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN fill your spirits with the bright light and flames of the Juche Idea.