Study and Dissemination of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism Is Urgent Task of Juche Idea Followers

Edmond Jouve

President of

European Society for the Study of the Juche Idea

Today the Juche idea fully demonstrates its vitality as ever. The vitality of the Juche idea has been demonstrated more fully since the outbreak of the world public health crisis caused by COVID-19.

The Juche idea is based on the man-centered idea and theory. Man is the center of this doctrine and, in particular, all problems arising in the Party building and activities are solved on the basis of the Juche idea. That is why the Workers’ Party of Korea firmly rallies the members of the basic Party organizations.

Accordingly, a working-class party must direct main efforts to the work with people in order to strengthen its ranks, consolidate its foundation and register success in revolution and construction.

Popular masses can hold the position of the driving force of the revolution and discharge their role only when they are guided by the party and the leader. The leader is the top brain of the driving force.

The leader is the center of the driving force and the single-hearted unity is realized with the leader as a center.

Party is a political organization that materializes the leader’s idea and guidance.

It is impossible for the party to lead the revolution and construction to victory without the leader’s idea and guidance.

Only when the leader, the party and the masses realizes the single-hearted unity, can they become the solidest and most effective driving force of the revolution. The Eighth Congress of the WPK was presided by Kim Jong Un, the General Secretary of the WPK from January 5 to 12, 2021. The congress presented a report to the work of the 7 th Party Central Committee and advanced new lines and orientation of strategy and tactics.

The report noted that mistakes, serious but possibly to be rectified, were revealed in different sectors, in particular, in the economic sector under difficult internal and external situations.

In 2020 the WPK celebrated its 75 th founding anniversary. The WPK was founded by President Kim Il Sung and strengthened and developed by Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The WPK has actively carried on its undertakings to accomplish the popular masses’ cause of independence and the cause of socialism. The WPK is the reliable vanguard, the powerful General Staff that carves out the destiny of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with victory. The WPK has conducted its activities on the basis of the Juche idea, its guiding ideology. The Juche idea was a fundamental source of a revolutionary party of new type unprecedented in the history of the communist movement. As noted by Kim Jong Un, this is the most distinguished service rendered by President Kim Il Sung.

The goals set by Kim Jong Un include the building of the completely new nuclear forces for the modernization of nuclear weapons. The report also noted that a big progress was made in developing the People’s Army into elite forces, the powerful army.

The report to the work of the 7 th Party Central Committee made at the Eighth Party Congress detailed the resolutions adopted for fresh innovation of the overall Party work.

The most remarkable exploit achieved by the WPK is the construction of a new and modern general hospital with magnificent appearance.

In this context, I would like to note that the state pursues very positive policy of protecting the aged people. Kim Jong Un said at the 6 th National Conference of War Veterans held on July 27, 2020, that the WPK regards it as a source of great pride and honor to have such revolutionary forerunners as the war veterans. Kim Jong Un stressed that the climate of according preferential treatment to war veterans is created across the society. It can be said that the three revolutions, ideological, technical and cultural, fully demonstrate their vitality in practice.

In addition, the WPK defended interests of the people and opposed bureaucratism and corruption. Kim Jong Un said that the Party carries on an uncompromising struggle against such practices.

As is well known, the WPK was not careless about the outbreak of COVID-19. Important measures have been taken to cope with the COVID-19. This is the embodiment of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

Indeed, the struggle for independence against imperialism to realize global independence and peace must be guided by Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

In this context, study and dissemination of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism presents itself as the urgent task of the Juche idea followers.