Vitality of Juche Idea That Clearly Verified in Rapidly Changing Vortex of History

Vadim Kudimin,

Director of Russian Institute of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism

Dear Comrades,

In the last century many ideas and theories appeared and they tried to illuminate the road for the modern world and its development and establish the view on the future in some ways. The theories were introduced not only in a particular country but also in several countries. Such theories dominated over a certain country as a state ideology for a long time, whereas in other country it appeared and soon disappeared without being a state ideology.

It is needless to say that some of these theories failed to stand the hardships of the times, the winds of history and met an end. Myth about “End of History” by Fukuyama, fascism, nationalism or “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” clamoured by Japanese militarist reactionaries can be taken as examples.

Among all theories and doctrines of the modern times, only the Juche idea has become the solidest and most comprehensive idea verified by the times.

What is the vitality of the Juche idea, its invincible scientific accuracy and historic significance?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to remember that the Juche idea is a unique ideology that considers all the process in the world with man at centre not from an economic view but from the view of the popular masses’ interests.

The Juche idea was founded in the practice of the Korean revolution proceeding from its mission and duty.

Comrade Kim Jong Il said in his work “On the Juche Idea”: “The revolution is a struggle to meet the masses’ desire for independence by enlisting their strength. It is a struggle of the masses to free themselves. When they are armed with the revolutionary idea and united into an organized political force, the masses can emerge victorious in the revolution. The duty of revolutionaries is to go among the popular masses, masters of the revolution, to educate, organize, and inspire them to a struggle. The revolutionary forces, too, should be trained from among the masses, and all problems arising in the revolutionary struggle should likewise be resolved in reliance on their wisdom and strength.”

Like this, Comrade Kim Il Sung carved out the Korean revolution by centring on man, the popular masses and as a result, won a brilliant victory in the great war against the Japanese imperialists.

The Korean revolution that defeated the major imperialist power in Asia, encountered with more cunning and brutal enemy, the US imperialists that invaded in place of Samurais destroyed by the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.

The Korean people had to dedicate every effort to the victory in the hard fight with the US imperialists. There were 14 countries on the side of the imperialist forces and disparity in manpower and techniques and military equipment was very large. However, on the Korean people’s side were solely the moral superiority and the strength and unity of the popular masses.

Victory in the war was impossible unless the whole Party, the army and the popular masses formed one political whole based on the absolute loyalty to their leader who embodied the principles of the Juche idea and single-hearted unity and the collective will of the entire people.

History does not know such case that remarkable perseverance and bravery, self-sacrifice were displayed in confrontation with the one, big in strength. Without ideological mainstay, one is bound to lose in such confrontation.

After the victory in the 1950-1953 Fatherland Liberation War the whole country was in debris and the Korean people were faced with huge task of rehabilitation and development, which was as serious as war. They had to prove before the whole world and themselves that sacrifices made for victory in the war by thousands of and tens of thousands of revolutionaries and the best representatives of the people were not in vain.

The Juche idea fully demonstrated its vitality not only in military affairs but in the peaceful construction.

At that time there was not a single unimpaired building in the DPRK. All industrial enterprises were destroyed and infrastructure was completely collapsed. It was said that the US imperialist aggressors did not find even a target any longer when they flew to make bombardment on Korea. Korea was destroyed by the imperialists so heavily that it was turned into a land where they could find no living things. However, the Korean people who lost their thousands of faithful sons in the war, turned out in rehabilitation in big enthusiasm despite unprecedentedly difficult circumstances. In the postwar period the Korean people became a model of the world people by building the country with their own strength. In 1956 the first Sungri truck was manufactured and Pyongyang and other cities were newly built and agriculture produced grain enough to satisfy the needs of the country.

All theses successes are inconceivable without ideological and theoretical foundations of the Juche idea whose scientific accuracy was proved by Comrade Kim Il Sung not only in the wartime but in peaceful days and without clear plan for its future development.

With the Chollima speed the Korean people turned in a short period the country into a major industrial power, the country which was completely self-sufficient in producing industrial goods and possessed of future-oriented and developed modern science.

Later, equipped themselves with the advanced Juche idea, the Korean people became victors several times in rapidly changing vortex of history and the most difficult and hopeless situation.

It was confirmed that one can brave any obstacles if one is armed with the Juche idea.

It is not necessary to mention all of the DPRK’s glorious history. Every time they are faced with adversities, the Korean people, who live in one harmonious family, have become stronger and more powerful ones to overcome them. Let me take as an example some difficult cases that Korea had in its history and overcame with honour but bigger and richer countries failed to stand.

In 1994 when capitalism was restored temporarily in East European countries, the reactionaries became frantic and the imperialist countries gave themselves airs that their mightiness came to climax. The DPRK lost all its markets out of the blue. Factories and enterprises stopped running.

On July 8, 1994 President Kim Il Sung who led in van the Party, the state and the revolution passed away all of sudden. Change of generations in the revolution arose as an urgent problem. To make matters worse, such natural disasters as heavy rain and typhoon swept the country for 3 years in succession to wash away the crops into the sea and plunge them into the flood from the mountains. At that time imperialist forces claimed so called “nuclear threat” and intensified pressure several times more than before on the DPRK. Sanctions imposed upon the DPRK which had already been in difficult conditions, drove it into the tight corner, and therefore, the DPRK could not but invest most of scanty funds to the national defence.

Under such situation not only the enemy but many people who sympathized with the DPRK began to think that the end of the DPRK would be a matter of time and the country would collapse due to unimaginable hardships. It was because not a single country was able to stand such hardships. In Russia a book “North Korea: Fall of Kim Jong Il’s Era” was published concentrating people’s interest. The book proved that a state faced with such inhuman difficulties as that Korea had was physically impossible to withstand them.

It is not known how the author of the book is getting on or whether he is still alive. However, those who have been to the DPRK immediately after the Arduous March, said unanimously. “It is true. The country of Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il has some obstacles but the Korean people are full of trust in and optimism about their leadership. Socialist construction sites are seething and new factories are built and new land was reclaimed by damming off the sea. At present, we find no shadow of melancholy, sorrow or despair that is found in the countries where capitalism was restored temporarily. On the contrary, we see that all the people lead a vibrant life full of passion.”

Rapid growth of industry, space program and gradual but constant improvement of the people’s livelihood were the result.

The Juche idea enables to frustrate any challenges in modern times.

At the end of 2020 the whole world was infected with COVID-19, the horrible pandemic disease. Since the Spanish flu in 1919, the humankind is faced with danger that killed innocent hundreds of millions of people. We see what measures different countries take. The measures prove more effective in some countries but not in other countries. Wherever you go, death toll is increasing, the economy is being ruined and businesses become bankrupt. This means that many workers, farmers and intellectuals lost their basic means of existence. Only the DPRK approached the dangerous fight against the disease with the scientific stand of Juche and proclaimed it as an all-people task. The DPRK turned into the thorough anti-epidemic system and took different preventive measures.

In his recent speeches Comrade Kim Jong Un underlined several times that concern of his, the Party and the whole society was to protect the people’s health, and therefore, the DPRK whose guiding ideology is the Juche idea would fully mobilize every force and mean to carry out the task.

Today there is not a person infected with dangerous disease, which means that there is not a person who dies of the disease. This is the highest level of the world, the most successful method in anti-epidemic work. Such method is entirely based on the Juche idea that would inevitably be a prescription for victory in this case, too.