The Eighth Congress of Worker's Party of Korea

and Its Achievements

Nahendra Khadka,

President, Nepal Study Centre of Juche Idea

The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) is the ruling party of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), which guides the Korean revolution and socialist construction and has achieved the overwhelming support of the Korean people. The Workers’ Party of Korea was established by Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great leader of the Korean revolution and father of the national liberation, carried forward by the dear leader Comrade Kim Jong Il and is presently led by Comrade Kim Jong Un, the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The 8 th Party Congress was made a grand opening by Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK. The 8 th Party Congress has given a clear message to the world that the Workers' Party of Korea is unified, well-structured and capable of handling the struggle for the socialist construction and against the imperialist aggression simultaneously.

Historic Party Congress and Its Significance:

The grand 8 th Congress of the Workers Party of Korea was a historic event held amid the great interest, expectations and aspirations of the Party members, service personnel and people of the DPRK, held just after the 75 th founding anniversary of the Party. On the other hand, the Congress held amid the global pandemic of COVID-19 with a grand participation, which justified the DPRK government's claims of having no case of COVID-19 in the country.

In the 8 th Party Congress, 7,000 people participated including 5,000 delegates and 2,000 observers. It was attended by the leadership and members of the 7 th Central Committee of the Party and the delegates elected by party organizations at all levels, which assured the representation from the Party, state, and other different organizations and secured the voice of all areas of Korean society.

Besides, the participation of the chairman of the central committee of the Korean Socialist Democratic Party, the chairman of the central committee of the Chondoist Chongu Party and the chief of the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front as invitees made the 8 th Party Congress an inclusive political event, which glorifies the role of the Worker's Party of Korea for making the DPRK an inclusive society.

The 8 th Party Congress has made a great achievement in reviewing the activities of the 7 th Central Committee, reviewing the activities of the 7th Central Auditing Commission, amendments to the Party Rules, election of the 8 th Party Central Committee and election of Comrade Kim Jong Un as the leader of the Party in the post of General Secretary. These all agenda and procedures made the congress a remarkable event in the history of the Korean revolution and Worker's Party of Korea itself.

As an important structure and event of the WPK, the 8 th Party Congress has clearly declared a new and correct orientation of the Party line and tasks of the Korean revolution, socialist construction and its struggle against the imperialist and hostile forces. It has also been successful for reviewing the economic activities of the state and duty of the responsible officials.

The 8 th Party Congress has determined a path to be followed by the Korean revolution in the upcoming struggle and expressed the Party's firm self-confidence to lead the socialist cause to a next-stage victory.

Report to the Party Congress:

Comrade Kim Jong Un, as the head of the Party, presented the report to the Party Congress. With a 9-hour deliberation of the report by Comrade Kim Jong Un, one can simply imagine the length and depth of the report assuring the structured description of the agenda. In-depth study, intense discussion and unanimous approval of the report after the enthusiastic inputs from the delegates made the Congress wonderful and exemplified the single-hearted unity of the Party.

The report delivered by Comrade Kim Jong Un clearly analyzed the external and internal situations of the Korean Revolution, fully reflected the scientific line of struggle and strategic and tactical issues of the development of the Party and revolution. Comrade Kim Jong Un illuminated the road ahead, based on the solid analysis of the contemporary situation.

The Report was well-organized in four parts as:

1. Achievements achieved during the consensus period.

2. For the breakthrough in socialist construction.

3. For the independent reunification of the motherland and the development of foreign relations.

4. For the strengthening and development of the Party work.

The 8 th Party Congress discussed on the report, analyzed the Party activities and role of the party, its central committee and leadership after 7 th Party Congress in detail.

During the past 5 years, the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK have made a number of achievements under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un in continuation with the great contribution of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The 8 th Party Congress has highlighted the importance of the politics based on the people-first principle and analyzed how the our state-first principle and the politics based on the people-first principle were implemented during this period.

The 8 th Party Congress of the WPK decided on new line of struggle and strategic and tactical policies for making leap forward in the development of the Party and social construction on the basis of a scientific analysis of the trends of the developing revolution and the prevailing situation. The 8 th Party Congress approved and praised the achievements of the Party and the state towards the socialist construction, party building and deterring imperialist forces. It pointed on the shortcomings and failures in implementation of the economic tasks and overcoming natural calamities and global COVID-19 pandemic, and grasped the lessons obtained from these failures.

The 8 th Party Congress discussed about realizing the great cause of building a prosperous country with strong army and more thoroughly applying the politics based on the people-first principle to all fields of the revolution and construction. It determined an exact direction and mission of the struggle to achieve a ceaseless new victory in socialist construction and to take practical measures for the same and discussed on the development and achievements in the military and nuclear field and detailed the developments of arms, ammunitions and nuclear deterrent force.

The 8 th Party Congress has also explored new potential for reorganizing the entire economy and solidifying development by taking revolutionary measures to reinforce the state's unified guidance and strategic management in economic projects, and by firmly adhering to the socialist principles in the economic field.

At the 8 th Party Congress, Comrade Kim Jong Un presented important tasks for new advancement in the future, focusing on the deficiencies and lessons learned on economic and cultural construction, national defense construction, national social management, working group business formulation during the period. He presented a strict and detailed analysis of the implementation of the five-year strategy for national economic development and the new prospective plan for the coming five years.

The 8 th Party Congress focused on self-reliance and emphasized the necessities of the revolutionary development of the DPRK and the desperate demands of socialist construction, self-reliance during the new perspective period must develop into national self-reliance, planned self-reliance and scientific self-reliance. The scientific analysis and clear policy on the current status and development of major economic sectors endorsed by the 8 th Party Congress will solidify the material and technological foundation of the self-reliant economy and enable economic construction.

The report advanced positive measures for decisively solving the problem of food by increasing the agricultural production. The central goal of the agricultural sector is to unconditionally occupy the grain hills that the Party had already proposed, and to lay the material and technological foundation for the sustainable development of agriculture.

The 8 th Party Congress has rightly decided that for increasing agricultural production; the seed revolution, scientific farming, increasing production in low-harvest areas, finding new land and clearing tidal flats, developing agriculture, livestock, and fruit farming, and irrigation and mechanization of rural economy should be taken as important strategic tasks. The main targets set forth for the agricultural sector are national issues of paramount importance to be attained whatever the cost in order to ensure self-sufficiency in food supply and thus step up socialist construction.

The national reunification of Koreas remained a very important issue at the 8 th Party Congress, which made a concrete analysis on the situation and clarified the principle stand of the WPK for North-South relations based on the changed context.

The 8 th Party Congress emphasized the fact that WPK has been faithful to its mission, the mission with the people-first principle as its political concept, and assured that the Party work should be switched to people-friendly and reality-friendly work. The 8 th Party Congress stressed that the more truly the people-friendly and reality-friendly characters are applied to Party work, the closer the whole Party will get to fact and truth and the higher the fighting efficiency of the Party will become.

Election of the Party Leadership:

Election of the Central Committee and Party leadership is the main task of the Party Congress after finalizing the Party line. The 8 th Party Congress has elected a new Central Committee of the Party and its leadership. Comrade Kim Jong Un has been elected to the post of General Secretary and head of the Party, unanimously.

Personally, and on behalf of the revolutionary people of Nepal, I congratulate General Secretary Kim Jong Un and express our solidarity in the struggle for socialist construction in the DPRK, peaceful reunification of Korea and glorious victory against the hostile acts of the imperialist forces. I believe, under his visionary leadership, the people in the DPR of Korea will emerge victorious on the strength of the single-hearted unity. Long live socialist revolution! Long live people's solidarity!

Long live Nepal-Korea friendship!

Long live people's solidarity!

Long live Nepal-Korea friendship!