Vitality of Juche Idea

Dorjsuren Nanjin

Executive Director of Juson Association, Mongolia

In the national strategies, policy makers and strategists no longer have to take into account not only the others “views” but also must to consider the views of own-style ideological concept. Especially, for the developing countries, the ideological base may become in the long term, promote the independence and development of the country.

From this perspective, the roles of self-development policies and postures are the key issues of the developing countries, such Mongolia. So many scholars, who involved in research on “Juche” Idea, for instance in Mongolia, would like to understand and learn more about Own-style ideological concept.

So, according to my own observation the own-style ideological development concept have the following major trends:

First, the key terms “Self-existence and Own-style ideological development” could be an important factor of national development for developing countries. It will be related to the strong mentality of national-self-existence, such as the Juche idea. The Korean people have a practice that the idea and lines put forward by leader Kim Jong Il are the guiding principle for independence of the popular masses.

Second, unlike many countries in the world, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is propping up by the planned development way on the basis of political and ideological strength. The DPRK would not encounter difficulties because of the conceiving of Juche. The Juche idea is the thorough-going ideology of independence. Independence is, in essence, the idea that reflects the essential demand of man, country and nation not to be subordinated by anything.

Third, despite the economic potential, the strengthening of cooperation among the countries is related to the “complex” of current international relations in the region. Right now all countries in the region are facing the difficulties and challenges, such as pandemic. So the nations should have the indomitable mental strength, which will help to build a great, prosperous and powerful development by their own efforts.