Juche Idea as Revolutionary Idea

Subash Kaji Shrestha

Deputy Secretary-General, Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea


Chairman, Study Forum for Self-Reliance Nepal

The Juche idea is the great idea of our time.

The Juche idea, a basis and core of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, is a man-centered, the people-centered philosophical ideology that raises and solves all philosophical questions with the man at the center of philosophical thinking for the first time in the history of philosophy.

The Juche idea sets the man as the master and dominator of the world, not as a simple part of it, and elucidates the world outlook in relationship with the man.

The Juche idea established a view on the world that the world is dominated and transformed by man and viewpoint and attitude with which the world is approached by focusing on man.

It made clear that there, unlike nature, is a subject of the social movement that purposefully causes and propels the movement and that the popular masses are the subject of history and the socio-historic movement is the independent, creative and conscious movement of the popular masses.

The basic principle of the Juche idea that man is the master of everything and decides everything serves as a basis and a starting point of KIMILSUNGISM–KIMJONGILISM.

The theory of revolution and the method of leadership that comprise the components of KIMILSUNGISM–KIMJONGILISM serve as the Juche-oriented theory of revolution and method of leadership as the Juche idea isthe quintessence of KIMILSUNGISM–KIMJONGILISM.

The Juche-oriented theory of revolution expounds the principle and theory of the revolution that puts the popular masses at the center and relies on their inexhaustible strength as it is based on the Juche idea, a man-centered philosophical idea.

The Juche-oriented theory of revolution is the revolutionary theory evolved with the working masses and the strategy and tactics of revolution based on their role. Theory of the national liberation, class and human emancipation that should be carried out by the popular masses independently and creatively and the theory of the social transformation, nature-remaking and remoulding of men are all based on the Juche idea.

The Juche-oriented leadership method shows the best method of leading the masses that enables the popular masses, the masters of the revolution and construction, to perform their role, as it is based on the Juche idea, the man-centered philosophical ideology.

The Juche-oriented leadership method is the method that enables the popular masses to defend their standpoint and perform their role as the masters of the revolution and construction.

The methods of carrying out the revolution including the method of solving all problems with the work with people as the main and the method of relying on the revolutionary enthusiasm and creativity of the people and etc. are based on the Juche idea.