Juche Idea and the future

Mikel Vivanko,

Director of the Juche Idea Study Group (GEIJ) of Madrid

The Juche Idea, being of all humanity, is a future philosophy.

The Popular Masses are the collective of the people, and the social movement and historical development are caused by them. This social movement is not spontaneous, it is the result of the conscious intention of the peoples in their struggle for independence and socialism; this, therefore, is the Juche conception of society.

It is not just an aspiration, but a real necessity. It is an independent struggle, the natural demand of humanity to rid itself of all forms of exploitation and injustice. This need of the Masses is to live as masters of their destiny, the true definition of Juche. But we know that within destiny are the means of production and the productive forces. Therefore, by being masters of their destiny, the Masses are also masters of the means of production, and by transforming nature they transform the productive forces. If they have not already done so, they surely will.

The capitalist and imperialist culture tries to ideologically demoralize the peoples, but the creative force of the Masses is what drives everything: if there is an omnipotent subject, it is the Popular Masses.

The progressive transformation of society is achieved through popular revolution. This revolution must be applied to all spheres of action, to the whole of social and daily life. Again, this is a work of the collective. But it is not a specific task: it is perpetual, eternal ... Like the Juche Idea.

The human being is the center and the owner of everything. Therefore, human history is that of the collective of people, and that is why they are the ones who really own the present, and also the future.

The great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the integral method that includes and puts into practice the Juche Idea. It is what we learn, and it is on the Day of the Sun 110 that the oppressed and progressive peoples of the planet rejoice to have the wise guidance of the Great Persons of Mount Paektu, Their Excellencies Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, creators and developers of the Juche Idea.

Now, the path of the International Socialist Revolution is illuminated by Comrade Supreme Commander, His Excellency Kim Jong Un, a faithful follower of the immense achievements and eternal feats of the Great Persons of Paektu. And for that, we are also grateful.

Long live forever the great Juche Idea!

Long live Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism!