KimilsungismKimjongilism-KIMJONGILISM makes socialist Korea invincible!

On the occasion of the celebration of the 109th Birthday Anniversary of the great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG

Many countries of the world suffer turmoil, "coloured revolutions", civil war and chaos or disappeared completely from the world map.

And the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic under which the capitalist world is suffering so heavily worsens the situation.

But there is a country that knows no interior conflicts or contradictions and no chaos and has not a single case of COVID-19. That is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), socialist Korea, the country of Juche!

Thanks to the great Juche Idea, fathered by the great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG, the DPRK enjoys single-minded unity of the people around the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the leader.

The Korean people is like a harmonious family with a good-hearted and tender father at its helm.

It was President KIM IL SUNG who liberated Korea from the brutal colonial yoke of Japanese imperialism and brought national independence, freedom and happiness to the Korean people. With his life-long maxime The People is my God he created the people's paradise on this land.

As gifts to the people he introduced the socialist health care and education system free of charge and the free housing and liberated 2 the people from the burden of taxes which were abolished the first time in history.

The DPRK is the most stable state on earth thanks to the single-minded unity and the leader's love for the nation and the people and vice versa. This exists in no other country.

The great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL continued loyally President KIM IL SUNG's politics in all fields, saying:

"Do not expect any change from me!"

He proclaimed the ideas and the great life of President KIM IL SUNG as KimilsungismKimjongilism.

And after Chairman KIM JONG IL's demise, the respected Supreme Leader Comrade KIM JONG UN proclaimed the ideas and the great life of the great Leaders as KimilsungismKimjongilism-Kimjongilism which is the guiding idea of the WPK.

From generation to generation the great immortal work of the leaders for the nation's and people's happiness continues without deviation.

And the Korean people's struggle for national reunification developes stronger than ever with success.

All these historic achievements and exploits came true thanks to the great KimilsungismKimjongilism-Kimjongilism.

With it as the guiding idea and life line, socialist Korea is invincible! Nobody on earth, how "mighty" it will be, is able to destabilise or stifle the DPRK.

The US-led international imperialist alliance is forced to resign in face of the strong nuclear war deterrent and the military muscles of the DPRK.

But the strongest weapon of socialist Korea in the confrontation with the imperialists and reactionaries is the single-minded unity created by President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL. This unity is stronger than all nukes of the world together!

Their immortal work is carried forward and continued today by the respected Supreme Leader Comrade KIM JONG UN.

Let us celebrate President KIM IL SUNG's Birthday Anniversary, the Day of the Sun, with colourful activities and praise his great revolutionatry life and his noble personality!

Eternal Glory to the great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG!

Eternal Glory to the great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL!

Long live the respected Supreme Leader Comrade KIM JONG UN!

Long live the great KimilsungismKimjongilism-Kimjongilism!

Martin Lötscher,

president of the Swiss Preparatory Committee for the Celebration of the 109th Birthday Anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG,

president of the Swiss Organizing Committee for the International Festival in Praise of the Great Persons of Mt. Paektu,

president of the Swiss Juche Idea Study Group

March 16, Juche 110 (2021)