On the vitality of the Juche idea

Presented by Nigatu Dagnachew(MP)

Chairman Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismofof Ethiopia

On the occasion of the 109 th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, I extend sincere greetings to the Secretariat of International Institute of Juche idea which organized the International E-seminar on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismof on behalf of all members of the National Committee for the study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismof of Ethiopia.

The demand for peace, development and independence becomes undoubtedly a great concern of all nations on the planet, so we can confidently say that today's era is the era of independence.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which had once been trampled down by the outside forces and lost its colors from the world map, is now demonstrating its might as an independent, self–sufficient and self-defensive socialist power, the people’s country of high dignity. This is the brilliant fruition borne by the Juche idea.

President Kim Il Sung, a pioneer in the era of independence, is a world politician, the great leader who took the helm of independence and led the cause of human independence to victory in the midst of the turbulent international political situation in the 20th century.

The reality of DPRK which has turned into a socialist state of independence, self-reliance and self-defense under his leadership, substantiates the originality, Justness, and great vitality of the Juche idea.

The Juche idea has been studied and disseminated vigorously and continuously even under the collapse of socialism and the complicated world situation.

This shows that the world acknowledge the scientific accuracy and truthfulness of the Juche idea.

Truthfulness of progressive ideology is decided by to what extent it is disseminated and how long it maintains its viability.

Not only in the past historic period but now the Juche idea has proved its invincible vitality in the revolutionary practice in many countries, and thus has become the approved truth and universal doctrine.

The Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung and developed by leader Kim Jong Il has been formulated as Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismof and is now shining more brilliantly as the guiding ideology of our era thanks to General Secretary Kim Jong Un who inherits their intentions.

Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismof strikes its root deep in the hearts of hundreds of millions of the people as the guideline leading the independent development of all countries and nations, the banner of building an independent new world, a peaceful and fair new society.

At present, Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismof is being rapidly disseminated on a worldwide scale arousing great sympathy among the progressive people and its influence gets bigger with each passing day as it enables each country and nation to achieve independent development and prosperity and hasten the building of a fair new world.

Today, Africa is becoming the most unfortunate continent on this planet and getting a blow by civil wars, border disputes, and internal wars among ethnics. Africa countries have a lot of natural resources and human capital to develop themselves, but due to the interest of westerns countries they exploited there resources by intervening internal .

Ethiopia is in a period of a huge shift in the political and social sphere and the economy is no different. The government is engaged in transforming the economy with an initiative to make the Ethiopian economy one of the leading in Africa. With this in mind, it has launched a home-grown economic reform agenda that sets the country’s economic vision for the upcoming years, identifying priority sectors and leveraging on the economic growth of the past decade.

The engineer of this plan, Prime Mister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D), expressed the Homegrown Economic Reform agenda as, “Our bridge to prosperity.” However, any economic policy that does not include human development—improving quality of education, providing basic infrastructure, promoting gender equality, improving food security, instituting good governance—will surely fail.

Ethiopia in the past decade has shown impressive economic growth. Most of this growth came from a large government spending on infrastructure and huge investment on state-owned projects including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Our country Ethiopia facing a lot of challenges in constructing such a great self-reliance project by westerns specially the interference of USA by supporting Egypt and unfairness to Ethiopia. But In the great leadership of our PM Dr Abiy Ahmed we are continuing our home grown economy by involving all citizen in financing the Dam.

The Juche idea has a strong persuasive power in view of the fact that the DPRK has achieved independent development even in today's complex situation and is being respected by the international community. The Juche idea is the mighty ideological weapon that enables man to become the master of the world and his own destiny and the banner that guides the building of a new independent and 3 peaceful world and is also a guideline for overcoming the crisis in Africa and achieving development.

Scientific accuracy and truthfulness of the Juche idea is proved also through the stirring events that the people in African countries, who had lived under the imperialist subjugation and oppression, have achieved independence and turned out in the struggle for a new society.

Since foreign forces persist in building up their influence over Africa, it comes to be a more urgent issue to equip Africans with the idea of independence.

The Juche idea sheds light on the African continent.

The DPRK is the ideological powerful nation in which the whole people are closely combined with the idea of independence and the Juche idea, and united firmly with one mind and one will around the party and the leader.

The problem that Africa achieves development out of the crisis is the issue of regaining the sovereignty of country and nation and continental sovereignty in all fields of politics, economy, military, and culture free from the neo-colonial domination of imperialism.

There is a path for African development in the unity and cooperation of African countries and nations based on the Juche idea.