KIM IL SUNG: The Brilliant Banner of Juche

Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya

President, the Nepal Journalists Association

Chief Editor, Arpan Weekly

On the occasion of the 109 th birth anniversary of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, on behalf of the Nepal Journalists Association and NJA for Studying Juche idea and Songun Policy, we would like to express highest tribute and sincere respect to the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG.

The Juche idea is the great ideology that forms the quintessence of the revolutionary ideas of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG. It represents the system of the idea, theory and method of Juche. In other words, the revolutionary idea of President KIM IL SUNG constitutes an integral system which comprises the Juche idea discovered for the first time in the history of man and the theory and method clarified by this idea in relation to the revolution and construction.

All the thoughts and theories of Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG proceed from the Juche idea and embody it.

The Juche idea is the guiding ideology which shows the popular masses the way of freeing themselves not only from national and class oppression and exploitation but also from all sorts of fetters to enjoy an independent and creative life as genuine masters of their own destiny. The Juche idea supplies the guiding principle of the revolution and the method of finding the correct solution to all problems arising in the revolution and construction.

The characteristic of the Juche idea is that this idea is not only a man-centred philosophical thought but also a thorough revolutionary philosophy, a political philosophy.

The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, despite his very busy engagements in Party and state activities, granted us audience as well as direct interview at Chongjin on 19 th June, 1979 and the way he intimately embraced me by calling me as an old friend left indelible imprint on my heart. I felt very lucky to have a great opportunity with the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG face to face and heart to heart talk. This can never be effaced from my memory. This day is, therefore, a very important day in my life.

The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG answered all of my questions. Before answering of my questions, the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG told me.

“Ideally, I should have met you in Pyongyang. But as I am in the midst of a provincial tour of guidance, I had no choice but to ask you to come all the way out here. I am very sorry about this. I hope you will understand.

Anyway, let me bid you a hearty welcome to our country.

I would like to express my thanks to you for your sterling efforts to promote friendship between the Korean and Nepalese peoples and for the active support and encouragement you have given our people.

I am especially grateful to you, the Chairman of the Nepalese Journalists Association, for your positive support and encouragement to the Korean people's struggle for national reunification and socialist construction, and also for the 3 congratulatory messages you have sent me on several occasions. Although this is my first meeting with you, I feel as if I am meeting an old friend.

Today's meeting has made us close friends. I offer you my thanks for the kind words you have spoken about this country and about myself. I am also grateful for your active support to our people's cause of national reunification.”

Likewise, I also get the opportunity to put the questions before the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG on 29th November, 1990 in Pyongyang.

The Juche idea is a great idea and it is very popular in each and every country of the world including Nepal. I am extremely happy to say that there are many Juche followers in Nepal and they want to study further more on the Juche idea.

Peace-loving and progressive journalists of Nepal have established “NJA for Studying the Juche Idea and Songun Policy” on the occasion of the “Day of the Sun”, April 15, the birthday of President KIM IL SUNG on 15 th April, 2010 in Kathmandu to disseminate on an extensive scale the Juche idea and Songun policy.

We have also established the “Juche Idea Study Centre”. It is widely known as “Saturday Breakfast Meeting” among the journalists of Nepal.

“Arpan” Weekly, since last 56 years, is continuously publishing different articles on the DPRK including the great achievements of President KIM IL SUNG, Great Leader KIM JONG IL and Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN in each and every Friday issue in both English and Nepali languages.

I am the first Nepali citizen who received the degree of Doctor from DPRK on the subject of “The Great Juche Idea and the DPRK” in Pyongyang on 16 th April, 2012.

On the occasion of the 72 nd founding anniversary of the WPK, we launched the new website of Juche Nepal in our country. We would like to request to visit our Juche Nepal website,

I have visited many countries of the world including DPRK but I like to visit DPRK again and again.

We wish Marshal KIM JONG UN, the respected General Secretary of the Workers` Party of Korea, a good health, happiness, prosperity and long life for the fresh success in leading the Korean people to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea and achieve the final victory of the Juche cause.

The Great Comrades KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL Will Always Be with Us.

Long live the great Juche idea!

Long live our friendship!