Some Reflection on Vitality of Juche Idea in Our Time

Thomas Loesch

Director of the ERSSJI Board,

President, Group for the study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, Vienna, Austria

Since the great man of humankind generalissimos Kim Il Sung found the Juche idea, many decades passed away. What is the reason, that so many people in the world are studying today the Juche idea? The reason is, that a lot of people all around the world are not satisfied with the political and economic situation in their home-countries. They see all the injustice and inequality between the rich and the poor people in their homelands.

Most of the countries in the world are also suffering from the suppression of the super-power-countries, especially the USA. The domination of the so-called super- power-nations means for the suppressed countries, exploitation of their national wealth and destruction of their national culture. A lot of people which recognise the reality of the actual situation in the world, want to fight against the current capitalistic, neoliberal political and economic system. Their goal is a society where all humans can live their life, free from exploitation and suppression. So, they are searching for a political ideology to create a justice and equal society. They see from the reality that capitalism is for sure not the solution. On the other hand, they also recognise from history, that socialism in the style of the Soviet Union also failed as a model for a new society. In the 1989 all the socialist states in Eastern Europe collapsed in between month, because the political leaders were not united with the popular masses. Two years later, the former super-power Soviet Union itself collapsed and disappeared from the world-map.

In these years, a lot of progressive people looked to the situation in the DPRK. Even the Korean people suffered a lot of difficulties, the political and economic system which is based on the Juche idea did not collapsed. On the Contrary, during the “arduous march” led by generalissimo Kim Jong Il, the Korean people overcame all difficulties and transformed the DPRK in modern industrial country, which can send artificial satellites into the orbit, by their own strength. All these efforts were possible, even the USA and their Puppets takes every measure to destroy the DPRK. According to this circumstances Kim Jong Il developed the Songun-Ideology, which means “army-first”.

Since last Year, we have a world-wide crisis, because of the covid-19-pandemie. Now, the difference between rich and poor become more and more visible. These circumstances not only mean that the rich people get richer and the poor people get 2 poorer, it also means, that the rich people get better access to medical treatment and to vaccines. The covid-19-pandemic makes unequal societies even more unequal than before. A lot of popular masses even in the so-called developed countries are suffering from economic and medical problems. In almost all countries in the world, the political leaders are not able to solve these problems. The politicians are arguing populistic, without presentation real solutions. That is the reason why the popular masses are not trusting in their political leaders any longer and around the world the number of demonstrations against them is rising.

How is the situation in the DPRK?

In January this year, the WPK held its 8th Party Congress.

During the congress, Comrade Kim Jong Un made an accurate report about the achievements in the DPRK, since the last Party Congress was held in the year 2016. He spoke for several hours, analysed every field in economic, society and eternal affairs. He spoke also about the mis-achievements happened in the last years. He spokes also about the difficulties for the popular masses. After that, he gave a very clear outlook for the aims during the next five years, according to the five-year plan. He shows the party- members and the Korean people a concrete way to develop Korean-style socialism in the country and which measures will be taken by the WPK to protect the sovereignty, self-sufficiency and independence of the DPRK and her people. This report shows the difference between Comrade Kim Jong Un and the political leaders in other countries. Instead of populism, Comrade Kim Jong Un made an accurate report and did not hide the truth. That is the reason why the members of the WPK and all the Korean people seeing Kim Jong Un as their leader. They trust in Comrade Kim Jong Un, because he is always, among the masses. The election of Kim Jong Un as General Secretary of the WPK, shows the deep respect of the party-members for him.

In our study-group we studied and discussed the report given by General Secretary Comrade Kim Jong Un on the 8th party congress very intensive. According to the report we teach interested people about the situation in the DPRK. We teach them that even in a small country like the DPRK, a life in independence, sovereignty and self- sufficiency is possible, if there is the right political idea and the right political leader.

The reality of the DPRK shows the vitality of the Juche idea.

Thanks to Comrade Kim Jong Un who systematized the theories of leader Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il to the theory of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism the progressive people in the world have the right theory for their struggle for independence, sovereignty, self-sufficiency.